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Who Is CannaConsulting Africa?

CannaConsutling Africa specializes in the formulation, research, development, and manufacture of cannabinoid-based medicines and products.

Through our ever-growing networks, we can offer comprehensive solutions for all your cannabis needs. Some of these include GMP – contract manufacturing, analytical testing, botanical extractions, off-take agreements for T20+ flower, and brand development.

All products and services offered by Cannaconsulting Africa are compliant with the rules and regulations in accordance with the Medicines and Related Substances Act,1965 (ACT 101 of 1965).

CannaConsulting Africa is dedicated to providing quality assured cannabinoid-based products and services and prioritizes transparency and accountability. Founded in 2018, CCA has grown to be a trusted and reliable partner for all your cannabis needs.

Want to know what the best CBD oil is for you?

Try out KushCBD®. This brand of CBD oils has 6 unique formulations, which have been professionally formulated.

Each oil contains either Full Spectrum or Pure CBD as well as added terpenes, vitamins, essential oils, and other plant extracts. 

KushCBD® products are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and will soon be registered with SAHPRA as a “Schedule 0” complementary medicine.

KushCBD® hopes to become a household brand in South Africa and be a leader in the Cannabis Industry. We believe in sustaining and growing the cannabis industry in South Africa and it is for this reason that we support this local manufacturer.

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